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Damon Clear is an aesthetic option for those patients who want to choose the Damon Ultima System for their Orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Damon Clear

The biggest advantage of Demon Clear braces is the clear brackets. Conventional braces use a bracket made from metal. For many patients this can be a concern. With Damon Clear braces, the brackets are made from a clear material (poly-crystalline alumina) making them much less visible. Many patients would see the clear brackets as a benefit, especially if they are uncomfortable about the prospect of having metal brackets fitted.

When compared to conventional braces, the Damon Clear system also removed the need to use bands or ties to secure the brace wire to the bracket. With Damon Clear the bracket is designed to retain the wire. This is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it also makes it much easier to look after your teeth when brushing and flossing. It also provides DR. Kammerman with a much greater degree of control over the movement of your teeth.

The process

The process all starts with a visit to our office in New York’s Garden City. During your first consultation you will receive a dental examination, 3D imaging and X-Ray scans. The examination combined with the imaging results will allow Dr. Kammerman to determine exactly what treatment is required. The entire process will be explained to you and you will be informed of your options at this point. 

At Kammerman Orthodontics we provide a free first consultation. This means you can have a fully detailed examination of your orthodontic health and be advised on what work is required without having to pay for your first appointment. During your first consultation you will be told what braces are most suited to your specific needs.

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