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  • Sleep Apnea is a real and present danger leading to multiple serious health issues and even sudden loss of life if not treated
  • Many adults who have sleep apnea can not tolerate C-pap machines
  • We provide intraoral appliances that are worn only while sleeping which allow for opening of the airway , more oxygen flow and greatly reduced or eliminated snoring
  • We provide for home sleep tests that are evaluated by certified sleep physicians and negate the need for over night stays in sleep centers


  • Children should be seen by the Orthodontist by age 7 yrs.
  • We screen all of our young patients for airway issues with low dose cone beam airway measurements and with a sleep questionare
  • Snoring in children is pathologic and should not be accepted as the normal
  • Involvement of an ENT physician is most important as many times enlarged tonsils and adenoids contribute to constricted airways
  • Orthodontic treatment consists of a combination of palatal expansion and Damon system braces to enlarge the back and front portions of the palate, respectively. This allows for more room for the tongue and an increase is airway size and enhanced quality of breathing.
  • Proper breathing and oxygen intake is very important for children to enhance their growth, cognitive development and proper hormone function

Patient 1

Airway before treatment with Damon System Braces

Patient 2

Airway after treatment with Damon System Braces, Significant increase in Air way size

Patient 3

Airway before treatment with sutural palatal expander

Patient 4

Airway after treatment with sutural palatal expander, Significant increase