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No reuse of braces or wires

It is a common practice in many orthodontic offices today to utilize “second-hand” and “recycled” braces and wires. We feel that each patient deserves the best; therefore, in our office we do NOT “reuse” the same braces or wires on a second patient. Accordingly, our fees maybe slightly higher than in an orthodontic office that uses second-hand braces and wires. We work hard to keep our costs down but not at the expense of our patients.

Barrier Controls

We wear protective facemasks, eyewear and gloves as recommended by the Federal offices of OSHA and the CDC.


All of our dental hand pieces are thoroughly sterilized with a steam autoclave after each procedure, as this is the only effective hand piece sterilization method.
All of our other orthodontic instruments are thoroughly dry-heat sterilized

Disposable items

These are used whenever possible and are always discarded once used or exposed to the treatment environment.