Kammerman Orthodontics Garden City

We create smiles for you that are beautiful and artistic while you enjoy a special meaningful experience.

Get Your "Kam Smile"


Beautiful Smile

Adds youthfulness, gives facial support while you age.


A kam smile flows beautifully from front to back.


Detailed Smile

Each smile is given finishing touches.


Artistic Smile

Smile Arc, the upper front teeth should follow the curve of the lower lip.

Damon Ultima System



The Damon Ultima System is a redesign of the excellent Ultima Braces system. 

The new design includes improved mounting points and a more effective wire design. The New system allows us to have more control over the final result giving you the smile you want and deserve. 

Damon Clear is an aesthetic option for those patients who want to choose the Damon Ultima System for their Orthodontic treatment.



Spark Clear Aligners

Spark Clear Aligners are the ideal solution to many orthodontic problems. They are also perfect for people who really do not wish to wear braces.

With Clear Aligners from Spark the process is gradual. You will be provided with different sets of aligners to be worn at different time periods of your orthodontic journey.

The end result is straight teeth without the need to wear braces.



InBrace is a revolutionary method of getting perfectly straight teeth and the smile you deserve. Unlike conventional braces, InBrace is fitted behind your teeth by your Orthodontist.

InBrace can reduce treatment times compared to conventional brace systems and because it is invisible it can give you the confidence you need to gain the smile you deserve.

Airway Treatments


Early diagnosis and treatment of airway problems can be a key factor regarding your overall health. Certain problems such as sleep apnea have the potential to become very serious (even life threatening) if left untreated.