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At Kammerman Orthodontics we are proud to be able to offer or patients the very latest orthodontic treatments. We invest heavily in technology to enable us to serve you better. We use the latest 3D imaging technology to better understand each patients specific needs. We can them provide a solution that empowers you to get the smile you desire.

Treatments we provide

InBrace: We are very happy to be able to offer our patients the InBrace orthodontic device. InBrace provides you with all the benefits of conventional braces but has the additional benefit of being hidden behind your teeth.

Spark Clear Aligners: Clear Aligners from Spark are perfect for patients who have dental alignment problems but do not like the idea of having to wear braces. Spark Clear Aligners are a convenient and effective solution to many orthodontic issues..

Damon Ultima: This is the next generation of orthodontic braces from the Damon system. They have been redesigned to offer a more effective dental braces solution. The Damon Ultima System can reduce the duration of your treatment time.

D-Gainer: This is a technique that involves the placement of a Damon system brace to eliviate dental crowding. This is primarily used on young children who are experiencing crowding issues as their adult teeth begin to appear.