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The Damon Ultima system is a fresh take on the principle of orthodontic braces. The Damon system was designed from the ground up to make use of new technologies that help your orthodontist provide faster treatment times and achieve the results the patient is looking for.


The Damon Ultima system uses a special wire and brackets to provide exactly the level of control orthodontists want and need. 

For you, the patient, this means your braces can be designed, made and fitted within a shorter time. Because of the nature of the Damon Ultima brace system and how it works, you may also see a reduction in your overall treatment duration.

With conventional braces, we often find that the initial straightening process happens very fast. It is when you have almost achieved the desired result, that the process slows down.


The final third of your straightening treatment can take as long as the rest of the process combined. With the unique wire that is used within the Damon Ultima system, the straightening process continues to progress at a constant rate, right up until the desired result has been achieved.

The Damon System for State of the Art Orthodontic Treatment

A low friction, more comfortable orthodontic appliance system

We do everything in our power to avoid the need for oral extractions

Wider more aesthetically pleasing smiles that matter!

Easier to keep clean


Able to treat difficult cases beautifully


Metal or clear options available


Overall decreased treatment times

The brackets have also been designed to make it easier for your orthodontist to place them. This means a shorter appointment time for you.


The first step to getting a great smile is to come in and see us. We will discuss your options with you and advise you on the best treatment plan to get exactly the smile you want.

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