13 December 2018

I'm very happy with my new smile and can't believe how fast it went!

13 December 2018

Thank you so much for my beautiful smile Dr. Kammerman! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making everything perfect.! He always told me the truth and everyone in the office is so kind. Dr. Kammerman is an artist. He made things quick and easy. I cn't stop smiling!!

13 December 2018

I am in love with my new smile! Thank you Dr. Kammerman and all the staff for helping me along my braces journey. I couldn't be happier!

13 December 2018

It was a great experience working with Dr. Kammerman and the rest of the staff. He is truly dedicated to creating the perfect smile. It was a pleasure.

8 December 2018

My time here was great because now I have a goo smile with my straight teeth. Everyone was great and nice to me, and they all made sure that I was doing the right thing to get my braces off faster. I would like to say thank you for all the help and encouraging me to get my braces off.

8 December 2018

The braces was a process, but the smile I got in the end made it worth it. I'm still shocked how these braces made my mouth go from awkwardly over crowded to this "Colgate ad" smile. I love how my teeth turned out. The braces itself were not that bad, I did not have too many difficulties. It took a while but that was my fault for not wearing my rubber bands....oops! Overall, the experience was good and my smile at the end was worth it!

8 December 2018

My experience was actually great! The staff here is very helpful, kind and great at their jobs. Dr. Kammerman is great, he pushed me to get my braces off and worked with me to get the job done. My results are perfect and I feel they can not get any better. I feel great in every picture I take now!

30 November 2018

As an adult, this was my second time having braces. My first orthodontist said that there was nothing that could be done to fix my tooth that I was unhappy with. Dr. Kammerman however, assured me that he could fix my smile and give me the confidence that I always wanted. Hid attention to detail is second to none and his clear passion fot what he soes made me trust him at every visit. Thank you Dr. Kammerman and his team for giving me something that I have always wanted. Also, the Damon System is impressive and I highly recommend it as an adult!!

30 November 2018

My experience was Great!!!

23 November 2018

When I started my braces my biggest insecurity was my smile and my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Kammerman and his wonderful staff, I was able to achieve my best smile ever. Every time I walked in for an app[ointment, I was always greeted by warm and kind smiles. I'm forever grateful for my stunning teeth.