7 February 2018

Due to the friendly and courteous staff at Dr. Kammerman's office, I decided that my smile was in need of fixing and needed to be changed. I am glad that I went through with it. Though the process had moments of difficulty, the staff made it easier to handle. Now I have a smile that I am not afraid to show.

7 February 2018

The braces made my smile very nice. My teeth are nice and straight and I love my smile. It wasn't hard at all, I had no problems with my braces. I am very happy with my teeth and i wouldn't do anything different.

3 February 2018

I think my smile is way better than before. Working with Dr. Kammerman was really great because he was really patient with me, and overall, he is a really great doctor and I do respect what he does and how he does his job. He is one of the best Dental doctors I have ever seen in my life. And really a great guy. He kept pushing me towards my goal, he and I both wanted to succeed. And we did, and my teeth have never been better. Thanks Dr. K!!!

24 January 2018

I want to thank you for giving me a beautiful set of teeth and a smile I am confident to show! It was worth the time and effort! I now realize I should have been grateful for all you have done for me! Thanks again!

24 January 2018

I never loved my teeth or my smile, but after this experience I love it more than ever, I can never stop smiling!

24 January 2018

I has a great experience at Dr. Kammerman's office. Everyone was very nice and made having braces a pleasant experience. I am extremely happy with how mu smile has turned out! I smile all the time!

20 January 2018

My time at Dr. Kammerman's was great. The appointments were quick and successful. Now that I'm done, I am happy with my smile!

20 January 2018

My experience here was great. Nothing ever hurt much or lasted more than a few days. My smile came out amazing! The rubber bands were a pain, but totally worth it. Dr. Kammerman and his assistants were always efficient and kind.

18 January 2018

I am so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication to make me have a perfect smile!!

12 January 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing gift you have given me. I always was extremely self-conscious of my yellow and buck smile growing up. I was extremely eager to get braces so I could be proud of my smile. The task was not always easy, but by learning how to adapt to the guidelines of braces, always wearing my rubber bands, and listening to the instructions, I now have a smile that I am proud to show. I will be forever grateful for how Dr. Kammerman has changed my life. Now I feel confident and less self- conscious which is a major change for me. And that's all thanks to Dr. Kammerman. Once again, thank you very, very much! Love, Taylor