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InBrace is an orthodontic straightening device with a difference. The biggest difference is their placement. InBrace braces are places behind your teeth making them “invisible”. This means you get all the benefits of braces without the drawback of having a visible device in your mouth.

InBrace is a bespoke solution for each individual. Your Orthodontist will arrange a 3D scan of your mouth. This will enable an InBrace device to be crated specifically for you. InBrace can also offer shorter treatment times when compared to other systems.

InBrace uses smart wire technology to gradually and precisely align your teeth. The smart wire is fixed to the inside of your teeth using  mounting points secured with a dental bonding agent. The wire is held by the mounts and the wire is designed to be under tension in the right direction to get the best result for you.

With InBrace you can get the results you want without people even realising you are wearing braces.

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