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This is a great question! Using the Damon Ultima system I am able to consistently obtain results of high quality. My patient’s love their smiles. The Damon system works so well because it allows for biologically compatible tooth movement. As the teeth move they maintain their blood supply allowing for constant bone remodelling. This results in a natural widening of the smile without the use of palatal expanders. Our young patients have smiles that they grow into as they age and our adult patients look younger. 

The Damon bracket is a self-ligating bracket that holds the wire passively using a sliding door providing minimal friction resulting in significantly less discomfort and quicker tooth movement. The wires used are mostly made of nickel-titanium alloys, developed by NASA, and are very elastic and gentle generating low continuous forces over time. Consequently, most of our patients are treated without extractions and all crowding in non-extraction cases is treated without the use of palatal expanders.

There is also an aesthetic alternative called Damon Clear. This bracket is a favourite with many of our adult and teenage patients. Your friends, family and coworkers may not even notice you are improving your smile!