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The D-Gainer device is primarily used with younger patients who may be experiencing crowding issues as their permanent teeth begin to appear. Whilst this is an intervention, it is also seen as a preventative treatment to correct an issue, before it has the chance to manifest itself into a more significant problem.

The D-gainer does not directly straighten teeth, it is used to gently expand the patient’s upper jaw, making room for all the teeth to come through and retain their natural alignment. 

If a young patient has a crowding issue, this can cause problems when the molars start to appear. In some cases, the teeth may be forced to rotate to allow them to erupt into the reduced space. This can be a real problem and will result in further orthodontic procedures being required further down the line.

The use of the D-Gainer device not only prevents the discomfort that can be associated with dental crowding, it will also make any future straightening work that is required much less complicated.

In the past, it was not uncommon for orthodontists to carry out extractions to elevate crowding. Today, we would much rather create more space than remove healthy teeth. The D-Gainer device enables us to do this.