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There are companies (mainly online) that do offer brace systems whilst claiming you do not need to visit an orthodontist. Generally you pay them and they provide you with a local location where you can have a scan carried out. You then receive your aligners in the post. This all sounds very convenient but is it?

An Orthodontist is a highly trained professional who is an expert at providing the best solution to your orthodontic issues. An orthodontist gets to know you as an individual and understands your unique circumstances. You need to know you can trust the person who is responsible for your care. It is not simply a case of looking at your teeth and saying “you need braces”. 

There may be reasons for teeth becoming misaligned. Maybe you need to take better care of your oral hygiene or perhaps you need more in-depth specialised care. None of this is provided by an online seller of braces.

At Kammerman orthodontics we provide a free first consultation. This gives us a chance to carry out a detailed examination of your teeth and also get to know you and understand your expectations.

We can then propose a solution that is specific to you and your needs.