6 November 2018

Before my braces my teeth were a mess, now they6 look great! All thanks to Dr. Kammerman and the rest of his amazing staff.

30 October 2018

I had a great experience at Dr. Kammerman's office. I was able to see a total transformation with my teeth and I am very grateful for Dr. Kammerman and for all the staff's help in getting me to a place where I am with my smile. I am so thankful.

30 October 2018

Dr. Kammerman is the best. He made the braces experience not so tough and painful . All of his assistants are very kind and gentle. My friends that had braces hated it, but for me it wasn't a problem and I knew how nice my teeth would come out since my sister came here. I am very happy with how my smile turned out. Thanks for everything!

30 October 2018

I am so happy with my smile. The braces hurt sometimes when they were on but it was worth it. I was foolish and didn't wear my rubber bands the whole time which made the treatment take longer. At the end I finally realized that if I wanted to get them off you NEED to wear your them. My friends smiles are not as perfect as mine. I get many compliments about how straight my teeth are and I thank you for that. Your assistants are very nice! I liked how I would miss first period in the morning because of my appointments. Thank you so much. You still have two more of my siblings to treat. Two down and two to go! Good luck and thank you!

24 October 2018

I'm glad I decided to get braces again, but I'm especially glad to have them done by Dr. Kammerman. Dr. Kammerman and his staff have been wonderful and patient! My teeth look perfect!

23 October 2018

I had a very good experience with my braces and teeth here. I am so glad with the result. I love smiling now and I feel a lot more confident with myself and my new smile. Thank you so much!!

23 October 2018

My experience at Dr. Kammerman's office has been phenomenal. With each visit, Dr. Kammerman and his wonderful staff have taken care of my needs with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I could not be happier with my experience and I will always recommend Dr. Kammerman in the future. Thank you for working so hard!

22 October 2018

I really appreciate Kammerman Orthodontics for helping me feel comfortable showing my teeth. I never wanted to take pictures smiling but now I just can't stop. It is an amazing feeling. I am so happy with my results. Looking at my before pictures shocks me each and every time. Thank you to all the staff for making me feel calm and comfortable. I will never forget it!

22 October 2018

Dr. Kammerman helped transform my smile and overall features. The staff are helpful and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Kammerman to anyone!

22 October 2018

Thank you for doing such a good job! My smile looks great and I'm very happy!