18 January 2018

I am so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication to make me have a perfect smile!!

12 January 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing gift you have given me. I always was extremely self-conscious of my yellow and buck smile growing up. I was extremely eager to get braces so I could be proud of my smile. The task was not always easy, but by learning how to adapt to the guidelines of braces, always wearing my rubber bands, and listening to the instructions, I now have a smile that I am proud to show. I will be forever grateful for how Dr. Kammerman has changed my life. Now I feel confident and less self- conscious which is a major change for me. And that's all thanks to Dr. Kammerman. Once again, thank you very, very much! Love, Taylor

12 January 2018

I love my smile because I feel like it brightens my face and makes me look happie!r. The office was very welcoming and caring, even at 7:00am!

12 January 2018

After I got my braces off and I went to school I received many compliments about ho nice my teeth came out. Even though there were times when my mouth hurt it was all worth it because I really like my smile! Thank you.

9 January 2018

Throughout the whole process of getting my braces I would say that it was great. I felt little or no pain during the entire time. I think my teeth look straight and amazing! Overall, I had a good experience.

9 January 2018

Thank you Dr. Kammerman for my amazing smile! It came out better than I expected and I am very happy with the outcome. I love my smile now!!

6 January 2018

Thank you so much for making my smile amazing! I love it and it was an awesome transformation!

6 January 2018

I love my new smile! I have gotten so many compliments on it. I feel so much more confident. I love to smile now. Thank you Dr. Kammerman, You are the best!

2 January 2018

I love my smile! I feel better about myself and it couldn't have happened without you!

1 January 2018

Thank you for making my smile amazing! I love how my teeth look now!