Comprehensive 1.0 year early

Comprehensive 1.0 year early tx

This is a very special treatment we offer to our young patients who will benefit.  Using the unique gentle and efficinet qualities   
of the Damon System we can comprehensively treat out young patients in one year or less while they still have baby teeth.  Our goal with this early teatment is simply to correct the major problems present and develop anesthetic full smile  in one year or less.  Of course, when all the permanent teeth erupt, comprehenvsive treatment will again be needed.  However, the treatment time will be decreased by fifty percent in most cases.

The advantages of this treatment are very important for our young patients. Functional bites and straight teeth are established early. All crowding is eliminated without using the dreaded palatal expander. Esthetic smiles are produced early. In additon, with teeth now placed in a fucntionally healthy position, it is muchl less likely that the front teeth will experience abnomal wear.

Parents and patients love this treatment!  

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