Why should I consider damon ultima braces or spark clear aligner treatment

The practice of orthodontics has changed and improved dramatically since the early years of metal braces. Modern technology allows for treatments that are more comfortable, less noticeable and more efficient. More than just providing a smile that dazzles, Damon Ultima System and Sparks clear aligner system also correct malocclusions ( the term for crooked, crowded […]

What makes Damon Ultima braces different from other braces?

This is a great question. Using the Damon Ultima system I am able to consistently obtain results of high quality. My patient’s love their smiles. The Damon system works so well because it allows for biologically compatible tooth movement. As the teeth move they maintain their blood supply allowing for constant bone remodeling. This results in a natural […]

How long does treatment take?

In the majority of cases, treatment times are reduced up to 40 to 60 percent as compared to an average treatment time around the world of 27 months. This means that the number and length of your treatment visits are reduced. Patient participation with every step of the prescribed treatment plan is vital for a […]

Am I too old to have orthodontic treatment?

Great question. We have a continually increasing number of adults visiting our office seeking and deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment. With the availability of Damon Clear and Spark Clear aligners, adults need not be concerned about how the braces are going to look. Teeth generally move just as well in adults as they do in […]

What is an orthodontic specialist?

An orthodontist is a specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. The practice of orthodontics involves the design, application and control of braces and corrective appliances that are used to treat and correct these problems so that optimum dental function, stability and facial esthetics are achieved. An Orthodontist is required […]

Is it more difficult to keep my teeth clean with braces?

There is no question that more effort is needed to keep your teeth clean while you have your braces in place. We highly recommend that our patients use a three step process. First use an intra oral irrigation device to dislodge any food particles from the braces. Second, use a powered tooth brush or a […]

Do I have to wear a retainer forever?

Retention is a most important part of your orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic research literature informs us that successful retention requires a lifetime commitment. When your braces are removed, fixed retainers will be placed behind your top and bottom front teeth. In addition, slip cover retainers will be made for your top and bottom teeth. These […]

What are the different parts of my braces called?

Damon passive self-ligating brackets: these are the small metal or ceramic modules that are attached to each tooth using traditional dental bonding techniques. They serve as the guide to move the teeth and to passively hold the arch wire in place. Arch wires: these are wires you see running through your brackets. They begin with […]