What happens at the first visit?

At your first visit we perform a comprehensive examination including complimentary photographs and a panoramic radiograph. Sometimes a three dimensional or cone beam image is also obtained. These are used to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed and to present the findings to you that same day. If further dental development is needed before treatment should begin, your child will be placed in our recall system. In our recall system your child will be reexamined in at 3,6 or 12 month intervals. Photographs are retaken at every visit and appropriate radiographic images are obtained as needed.   These visits are complimentary.

If you or your child is ready to begin orthodontic treatment I and the treatment coordinator will explain the recommended treatment plan, show you the Damon braces and other appliances that might be needed for treating your particular case, review the estimated length of treatment, provide a cost estimate and work with you to customize a payment plan that best fits your needs. An appointment will also be scheduled to start your treatment.