79 what are the different parts

What are the different parts of my braces called?

There are three basic parts to your orthodontic appliance

  • Damon passive self-ligating brackets: these are the small metal or ceramic modules that are attached to each tooth using traditional dental bonding techniques. They serve as the guide to move the teeth and to passively hold the arch wire in place.
  • Arch wires: these are wires you see running through your brackets. They begin with a thickness of only .013” and are periodically changed to thicker dimensions. You will notice your teeth straighten more and your smile widen as the wire dimensions increase.
  • Elastics: these are small, light, gentle rubber bands that our patients place on their braces as directed. They are used to assist in tooth movement, bite correction and to prevent unwanted tooth movement. They are changed at least once a day are worn either 22 hours each day or just at night time depending upon treatment needs. It is not a secret that a patient who fully participates with wearing their elastics will get their braces off on time!