3D Imaging

The i-CAT FLX cone beam 3D imaging system was recognized in 2014 with the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award for excellence for the second consecutive year. Early in the year, i-CAT also was honored to win the Orthotown Townie Choice Award in the X-ray equipment/cone beam CT scanner category. These esteemed recognitions by practicing clinicians and technology leaders speak volumes about our 3D imaging and encourage us to continue research and development that improves workflow and creates more low-dose
imaging protocols.

3D Imaging with Lower
Radiation Dose

The added dimension Cone beam 3D imaging offers is a “surgical view” that adds precision to treatment planning and implementation. When achieving quality 3D images is important to capturing scans responsibly with the lowest radiation dosage possible.

Dr. John Ludlow, a distinguished researcher in imaging technology and radiation dose, has recently published his newest study comparing doses from the new i-CAT model of CBCT technology, the i-CAT FLX, with those from conventional 2D and medical CT imaging alternatives. 

His article offers clinicians information to make prudent decisions about their imaging options for the best interests of their patients and their practices

The Quick Scan+ image volume provides 3D information with minimal geometric distortion that is unavailable in any 2D image and at a comparable dose.